Queens Botanical Gardens

NYC Department of Design and Construction

Flushing, NY

Client: Department of Design and Construction, New York City, for the department’s “Design Excellence” initiative

Scope: Pavilion entrances for revitalization of 39-acre site that was created for 1939 World’s Fair.

The pavilions mediate the transition from cityscape to garden sanctuary. Two distinct thresholds, on the garden’s east and west borders, are intended to improve public access and orientation while providing an overall definition to the garden’s edges. Rich in history, the garden’s educational mission focuses on themes of environmental stewardship and sustainability. Our design augments this mission. At the western threshold by College Point Boulevard, for example, we propose unearthing Mill Creek and creating a wetland that in turn becomes a distinct southwestern edge and important link to the site’s history. The design also supplies much-needed shade, signage, and seating in additional to formal entryways that address staff needs and security requirements.

Materials: Stainless steel; mahogany; glass.


Landscape Architect:  SCAPE / Landscape Architecture PLLC
Structural Engineer:  RSE Associates, Inc
Geotechnical Engineer:  Langan Engineering & Environmental Services
Lighting Consultant:  PHT Lighting Design Inc.