Arnold Arboretum

Harvard University

Jamaica Plain, MA  USA

Commissioned by: Harvard University

Scope: Pavilion and planting armatures in a vine and shrub garden by landscape firm Reed Hildebrand.

The pavilion and armatures are conceived of not as objects to focus on, but structures that refocus the gaze of visitors on nature and the surrounding gardens. The pavilion construction is minimalist and is used for weddings, classes and other outdoor events.

Materials: Fieldstone; pea stone; stainless steel; mahogany.


American Institute of Architects New England, Honor Award for Design Excellence
Boston Society of Landscape Architects, Unbuilt Honor Award


Director of Living Collections:  Peter del Tredici
Landscape Architect:  Reed Hilderbrand LLC.
Structural Engineer:  Ocmulgee Associates
Lighting Consultant:  Ripman Lighting Consultants, Inc.
Steel Suppliers/Fabricators:  TriPyramid Structures, Inc.

Photographer: Chuck Choi Architectural Photography