Dimensions: L: 125’ W: Varies H: Varies

Athenatable occupies an historic building at the Arsenal on the Charles in Watertown, MA. The Arsenal supported U.S. military efforts going back to the Civil War. The Arsenal is now the corporate headquarters for Athenahealth, an IT company that Charles Rose Architects has worked with extensively, designing campuses and large offices in Texas, California, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Maine. Working directly with the CEO and senior executives, we explored ways to communicate the company culture through design. Athenatable was designed in response to this effort.

Located in a five-story atrium, the 125-foot table stretches from the building entrance into a dining area. Along the way, the table serves several functions: reception desk, security post, computer-services station, a casual bench for waiting, a just-in-time counter-height work surface, flooring at the elevator lobby and a dining table. The table is intended to be inviting and accessible, and to symbolize the shared purpose of the more than 2,000 diverse employees who work there.