Collectors’ Penthouse
St. Louis, Missouri

In this urban residence for a couple who collect contemporary paintings and sculpture, an art gallery is the centerpiece of the design. The entry to the penthouse, reached by private elevator, introduces a sequence of galleries that take visitors through the art collection before introducing another visual element: sweeping views of the Mississippi River and the Gateway Arch, designed by Eero Saarinen. The galleries and living/dining areas offer ample space for entertaining. A library and kitchen are designed to feel more intimate, by contrast. Museum-quality lighting is installed in the gallery spaces, which also were designed to easily accommodate a rotating collection.

Art House

Artists (left to right): Suzanne McCelland, Paul Bowen, Kiki Smith, Stuart Arends

The private elevator hall, entry hall and gallery create a gracious sequence of circulation which delays the impact of the dramatic views until one either ascends the stairs to the family room and terrace or enters into the living and dining areas.

Artists: Roxy Paine, Tobias Putrih, Philadelphia Wireman

Art House

Lower floor plan

Art House

The library

The library is designed to feel intimate, where one is surrounded by delicate detailing and the richness of zebrawood.