Provincetown, MA

Copperdrifts, occupying a small hill next to Cape Cod National Seashore, is a series of connected, intimate volumes situated horizontally and vertically across the sloping site. The two main volumes shift past each other and are linked by a central stair core where multiple levels coalesce. From certain angles, Dune House gives the impression of several distinct buildings, each commanding expansive views of the Atlantic. It hugs the hill created by dunes and takes advantage of the unique topography with elevated living areas and roof decks. The way the house is sited along the ridge of the dune not only presents opportunities for the best views, but also preserves one of the many kettle bowls native to the Outer Cape and its unique geology.

Designed for an artist and a personal trainer, the property includes a light-filled studio, gym, and office. The south-facing bedrooms, living spaces, and pool terrace bask in New England sun. Outdoor spaces designed for entertaining include a poolside kitchen, secluded fire pit, screened porch, and a roof deck. The structures, clad in copper, cedar, and concrete, will weather into rich textures blending with the natural surrounding brush; over time, the house becomes a part of the landscape itself. The materials chosen for the project were not only selected for their raw textures and beauty, but also for their sustainability and longevity. The salty winds on the Cape, which are harsh and corrode most materials, help strengthen the flat-lock copper panels and the cedar siding that clad the buildings.

Perched linearly along a ridge, the two main volumes shift past one another, with a central stair connecting between them. Terraces branch off this central circulation path.

This slippage of forms frames views into the landscape, across levels, and between interior and exterior spaces – enhancing the verticality of the experience.

Auxiliary programs like the painting studio, which is stacked above a gym, are split off from the main house and give the sense of intimacy and secludedness.

Taking advantage of the plentitude of outdoor living and entertaining spaces, like this roof deck living room, the occupant is invited to inhabit the landscape.

Model image