Teton House
Wilson, Wyoming

This home, for a family of six, is located on the east-face of a mountain, just south of Grand Teton National Park. A switchback drive provides access to a remote site, perched high above a valley, with stunning views of Jackson Hole, the Snake River, and Bridger-Teton National Forest. The selected location for the project has dramatic topography, and the design responds to the 20-30% slopes, the alpine vegetation, and the abundant sunlight.



The stepping of the mountainside buildings is reminiscent of the ancient site of the oracle at Delphi, Greece. The buildings are nestled into the landscape and clustered strategically to create a mid-level terrace and covered porch for gathering, with views to the east and south.

The program includes a cantilevered living area with views to the west, north, and east; a shared fireplace between the dining area and the living area; and a kitchen which opens to the dining room and an outside shaded terrace.

The project has a net-zero energy profile: It is off the grid and completely self-sufficient, with zero carbon emissions.