From the Agora to the Forum, architecture has often formed the civic and communal spaces of community organizations and even civilizations. The effect of architecture on the body, mind, and spirit of the inhabitant is fundamental to our work which reveals itself through the movement and memory of each individual.

Our distinctive design sensibility seamlessly blends architecturally expressive buildings into their surrounding landscapes, striking a balance between form, function, and sustainability.

Rather than a formulaic approach, we strive to provide an unusual setting, creating a carefully considered environment which is both innovative and appropriate. Inspired by the spatial qualities of the jungle – the Leeper Studio Complex, above, is a labyrinthine experience. The sense of veiled layering occurs both horizontally and vertically as the light dapples through the canopy.

We value our successful working relationships with communities and selection of appropriate sites. While the work has received acclaim for its artistic merits, we take pride in our responsiveness to the concerns of our clients including issues of cost control, institutional objectives, pedagogical intent, and environmental sensitivity as well as consideration of the cultural, physical and historical characteristics of a site.

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