We are dedicated to innovative and sustainable design, creating work in a range of project types located throughout the United Sates in widely varying settings. Our work includes projects for private and public agencies and institutions across the country.

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With surprising use of volumes, materials, and geometries, agile movement of spaces, and an active language of planes and lines, Rose creates dynamic, expressive architecture that reminds us that buildings can be both sensitive to their locale and embrace the timeless principles of geometry, material, light, and shadow.

Linda Lee, Charles Rose, Architect, Princeton Architectural Press

Rather than dominate the site and its surroundings, his architecture habitually seeks the contours rather than the crest. Whether the topography is dramatic or subtle, Rose’s instinct is to reinforce the geometries of the site, at times making the viewers more aware of the landscape than they might have been otherwise.

Terence Riley, Foreword to Charles Rose, Architect, Princeton Architectural Press

The work of Charles Rose convincingly connects a concern with learning from the site and ideas of an architecture inspired by the details of its construction. That he has been able to synthesize those ideas beyond one locale to embrace dramatically different landscapes across the continent gives this work particular significance and authority.

Brian Carter and Annette Lecuyer, All American: Innovation in American Architecture, Thames & Hudson

We seek out the specific nature of each site and strive to produce work that will reveal the wonder that exists; over time our projects become integrated into the fabric of the place itself, encouraging inhabitants to wander, seeking to promote chance encounters and fortuitous exchanges.

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